Running by.

Today, the 19th September hosted for run's in Sydney. The Sydney Marathon, the half marathon, the 9k Bridge run (which I did) and the family fun run.
We all met over in Milson's Point and got into our groups. I was with my boyfriend and his cousins. 9.15am came and off we went, with the boys racing ahead of me. I was adamant I would stick to my own pace and battle it by myself.
Running up over the Harbour Bridge was amazing. Seeing all these people running through which is normally dominated by cars. Once you get over the bridge you then run down and around past the Domain and through to the Botanic Gardens.

I'm not a natural born runner, so did find some bits challenging but just had to push through it. Not the easiest thing when you have little seven year olds racing past you with their parents. You then go down and around to Mrs MacQuarie's chair and back onto the way you ran in. The hill was a killer but helped knowing that there was a drinks station just over the hill. Once you get through there you pretty much are on the home straight and have no excuse to stop now. Running down with the harbour and Opera House opening up in front of you as you cross over the finish line, crowds cheering, music blaring a wave of achievement goes over you.
I found my boyfriend and his cousins who completed the race in about 45mins. I think I did it in about 70 mins. Will be checking the results and photos tomorrow.
Now for a beer, pizza and a movie!

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