A little piece of paradise.

Now that my boyfriend and I have a car and all this new found freedom to explore we decided last weekend to head south of Sydney and check out Jervis Bay. We have had heaps of recommendations to check this place out. I personally was thinking what the hell can be that out of this world that is within NSW (beach wish, obviously Sydney and the harbour totally rock my socks.)
So we headed off mid morning. We were told it takes about three hours to get down there. It took us about four and a bit due to us stopping at little towns and masses of beached.
We eventually reach Jervis Bay on a windy, chilly but sunny winters days. We stayed in one of the main towns there called Hodgkisson. A cute little place, with a petite harbour and a strip of cafe's and shops.
After we put our bags away in the motel we went for a walk down to a beach opposite where we were staying. The water was calm and looked out to all of Jervis Bay (which is a pretty huge bay)
The sand was as white as anything, it looked like snow and made a funny squeaking noise as you walked. The beaches there go on for miles and are almost deserted.

After a day of exploring we went and got some dinner then to bed to catch up on some Zzzz.

In the morning we grabbed brekkie, checked out and decided to go for a drive into the National Park. On the map we head for one of the beaches furthest away, Murray Beach. When we walk down to the beach which opens up in front of you. A massive strip of white and crystal clear blue just goes on and on with only two other people there. You own personal beach.
Well I fell in love. Instantly. The only annoying thing was that its still winter and the water was cold. So the next time I head down there I will be at Murray's and in that water as fast as you can say hotdiggiety!

After we left we then went to explore a few more beaches and walks through the bush we decided to head on home.
The weekend was fantastic and NSW has some amazing little treasures hidden away.

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