As it gets nearer and nearer to pay day and my bank balance is nearly zero, there is always something that takes over me and I have to go shopping even if I am pretty much nearly begging for money.
If I can't find anything clothes wise I know I will always have some luck with beauty products.
So the other day i stumbled into Priceline to find me some goodies. This involves a bottle of Big & Beautiful Volumising shampoo by James Brown (and no, not the singer!)
It's a little on the pricey side of $15.99 but I was so sucked in by the design and the thought of having big-ish hair I had to buy!

So this morning was D-day and I tried out Big & Beautiful. While washing my hair it didn't have that soft silky feeling and I had visions of my hair getting tangled up. Combing it out afterwards was a little annoying but once I blow dried it it felt amazing....and BIG!
Even though my hair is wavy/curly naturally it tends to be pretty flat on top. So I do a small bit of back combing and hair spraying to give it some life.
I love how much oomph and bounce it has. Defiantly a good purchase and will have to try other products from the range for sure.

I also bought some Sally Hansen Complete Care 4 in 1 Treatment nail polish. I have been a huge nail bitter for as long as I can remember. I can stop for a few months here and there but then the bitting begins and they just look horrific. I also was a slave to the acrylic nails for a good three years I think which is really bad for your natural nail.....as I am finding out now!
So since taking the acrylics off myself (not a good move but I always did) my nails are uber weak. I've had to file them right down to little stumps.
I am now resulting to Stop N Grow and putting a little light nail colour on to stop me from having a nibble!
I've been a big fan of Sally Hansen's products, including her Hard as Nails and Nail Growth polishes (which did work in the past)

So it's time to give this a go.....

I originally put it on as a base coat then painted Sweetpea by Australis over the top. You can pretty much use it as anything. Base coat, a layer in between or as a strengthening top coat.
I think it's working pretty well. My nails before we as thin as paper, no joke and they are a lot stronger now.
Hopefully I'll have lovely strong nails in no time.

I know they look really bad but they are in the growth process. Fingers crossed I am keep going and resist the bitting temptation.

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