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Ok so once again I'm trying to do the whole eat health and exercise thing. I'n not going to lie I find it hard. I'm half Italian so I LOVE food, esp pasta's, bread and big portions so I find it hard trying to cut down. I also got NLP to stop eating chocolate. This worked for a year and a half but I've now fallen off the band wagon and am now back on the Dairy Milks and Caramels.

So my boyfriend and I have come up with this work out regime and what nights we run and the other night we got arm, legs and core work. So far the running is going well....but the healthier eating I'm still battling with.
Don't get me wrong I'm no McDonald's eater and I don't really eat dinner that much, it's just snack bits I fall at the line with.

I found this site on another blog that is based in the UK. I think it's such an awesome idea I just wish they had something like this over here in Sydney. Maybe I should try set it up?!

So take a look....

You basically have this massive selection of nuts, dried fruit, crackers and olives etc and decided wether you want a nibble box for during your day at work or a nutrition box where they have food full of vitamins and minerals.
You then chose the days you want it delivered at the cost of 3.49 pounds.

I love this idea and would kill for something like this here.

Here's to health eating folks!

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